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Furniture restoration and repair services in Dover and New Hampshire

If you have worn, torn and forlorn furniture, renew it with professional furniture repair services in Dover and New Hampshire from Bowen's Furniture Enhancement LLC. We specialize in restoring antique furniture and repairing all types of furniture so that you can preserve the look and function of your precious home pieces. If your furniture is damaged or could just use a little touch-up, get in-home furniture repair from Bowen's Furniture Enhancement. Our Dover and New Hampshire furniture repair shop can restore your wooden furniture, upholstery and even restore fire and water damage.

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If a leg is coming loose on your dining room table or the gash in your china cabinet is a terrible eyesore, don't think you have to replace the whole piece or learn to live with it. Call Bowen's Furniture Enhancement for quick and professional furniture repairs in Dover and New Hampshire. We can restore the sheen of your antique furniture, mend broken pieces and return nearly any piece to like-new condition. Call today to ask about repairing and restoring your furniture in Dover and New Hampshire.

Don't know what to do about that gash in your upholstery?

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Nothing detracts from the look and feel of your upholstered furniture like gashes and tears. Furthermore, damaged upholstery on antique furniture can significantly diminish the value of your piece. Solve all your furniture upholstery issues in Dover and New Hampshire, with upholstery repairs from Bowen's Furniture Enhancement. We have custom upholstery to match and replace or completely resurface your damaged upholstery. Don't settle with worn and torn upholstery on your chairs, headboards, sofas, etc. We'll bring our professional upholstery repair services to your Dover or New Hampshire home!

Fire and water damage isn't the end of your furniture

Restore your Dover and New Hampshire furniture after fire and water damage

For many items, there is no coming back from fire and water damage. Smoke damage and water damage can leave items discolored and malodorous. You may be able to restore your damaged antique and contemporary furniture, however, with fire and water damage repair services from Bowen's Furniture Enhancement. Don't give up on the fire and water damaged furniture in your Dover or New Hampshire home because we may be able to return it to like-new condition!

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Furniture and upholstery sales in Dover and New Hampshire

If your furniture is beyond repair or you just want to outfit your home with some timeless furniture and custom upholstery, come by our furniture shop in Dover and New Hampshire, today! We have a great selection of high-quality antique pieces including dining sets, tables, dressers desks, and more. We also have unique upholstery that is great for resurfacing chair bottoms, headboards and other upholstered pieces. Come in today to see all we have to offer at Bowen's Furniture Enhancement.

For Sale. Hunzinger Platform Rocker - Peach Mohair seat and Outside back/Leather embossed Inside Back Panel and headrest. All original with Identification tag in place under rocker.

As is $ 1200.00 - Leather has dried out and cracked but can be restored if interested.

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